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​Darren J Hall, BCO(NEBO)- 30 years experience.

Hall & Associates Prostheticare Inc. Services
At Hall & Associates Prostheticare Inc., we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

 We are in contract with the Assistive Devices Program and any patient with a valid Ontario Health card is Eligible for 75% funding. The remaining 25% is up to the patient to obtain.

If you are receiving ODSP or OWP the service will be 100% funded. Please bring in the latest ODSP or OWP statement so we can verify you are receiving these benefits.

At Hall & Associates we offer two different kinds of prosthetics. An Ocular Prosthetic for those who have undergone an enucleation (Complete removal of the Eye), and a Scleral Prosthetic for those who have undergone an evisceration (removal of contents of the Eye).
If you have any questions at all please fill out your information in the Request information box to the right. We will respond as fast as possible with an accurate and insightful answer.
An Appointment for the fabrication of a New Ocular or Scleral Prosthetic is 2 days. The first appointment is for the impression of the socket, from there we make a trial shell out of the impression shape. We use the trial shell to determine how the shape is sitting in the socket and where the appropriate place for the pupil is. The Next day we have you come back to finish with the custom painting of your iris, tinting of the sclera, and finally the clear finish. As many clients travel from out of town and hotel accommodations may be required, we have listed below our recommended hotels. 
Hall & Associates Prostheticare Partners - Accomadations
Days Inn
185 Yorkland Blvd
55 Hallcrown Road
Comfort Inn 
66 Norfinch Drive